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Adult International & Transracial Adoptees
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International & Transracial Adoptee Personal Stories, Experiences, & Articles
German Adoptee  (USA) - Peter F Dodds
Greek Adoptee (USA) - born in Germany
Indian Adoptee (Australia) - Madhu
Indian Adoptee  (USA) - Alexis
Irish Adoptee (USA) - Mari
Korean Adoptee (Denmark) - Young-Mi
Korean Adoptee (Norway) - Sunny Jo
Korean Adoptee (USA) - Dottie
Korean Adoptee (USA) - Jennifer
Korean Adoptee (USA) - Mirim
Romanian Adoptee (USA) - Izidor
US Adoptee (England) - Alison
Vietnamese Adoptee (Australia) - Sue-Yen
Vietnamese Adoptee (Australia) - Jennifer
Vietnamese Adoptee (USA) - Jared
InterCountry Adoptee stories
Transracial Adoptee stories
Transracial and Transcultural Adoptee stories
Vietnamese Adoptee expressions
Daughter from Danang - Bup

Listservs, Chat Boards and Yahoo Groups
Lists & Chat for adopted kids & teens
InternationalAdopt Talk - Triad
InterCountryAdoptee Support Network
Abused Adoptees (not active)
Adoptee Forum at Holt International
AdoptionForums - Adoptees
All Adoptee Support Group *
Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change
Christian Adoptee Fellowship
Jewish- Inter-racial (notactive)
Mavin- Mixed Race experience in America
PoundPup Legacy
Siblings Lost and Found
Swirl - Mixed race/transracial people
Twinless Twins (not active)

Belgium Adoption Belgique - adoptees & a-parents in French
Cambodian Relief Center - Triad (notactive)
Colombia - Colombian adoptee
Colombia- after reunion
Colombia- adoptees from FANA
Colombia- Triad - La Casa de la Madre y el Niņo in Bogota
England/UK - British HomeChildren
Germany - German adoptee
Germany- German adoptee w/ military parents
HongKong adoptee (not active)
Honduras adoptee
India adoptee
India & South Asiaadoptee
India & South Asia adoptee (notactive)
Desi Adoptees United
Ireland- Irish Adoptee
Ireland - Irish adoptees
Italy- Italian adoptees
Italy- Italian adoptees & registry
Korea - Korean Adoptees Worldwide K@W
Korean adoptee - List ofLists
Korean adoptee - teenagers
Korean adoptee - GOA'L info
Korean adoptee - GOA'L discussion
Korean- Triad
Korean adoptee - France
Korean adoptee -Scandinavian
Korean adoptee - Sweden AKF Skåne
Latin American Adoptee
Native American / American Indian (not active)
NativeAmerican / American Indian
Philippines - Filipino adoptee
Philippines - Filipino adoptee network
South Asia adoptee - India,Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka
SouthAmerica adoptee - Peru, Bolivia, etc.
Sri Lanka - a-parents / adoptees
Thailand- a-parents / adoptees
Vietnam- Vietnamese adoptee
Vietnam - Vietnamese adoptee
Vietnam Bac Giang - a-parents / adoptees
Vietnam- April 75 airlift to Surrey Place, Toronto (not active)

Websitesfor Internationally and/or Transracially Adopted people
AlsoKnown As
International Adoptee Congress
Transracial Abductees
Australia & New Zealand - Aboriginal people
Amerasian Foundation
China - Chinese Adoptee
China - Hong Kong Adoptee
England/UK- British Home Children
England/UK- British Home Children
India- Indian Adoptee
Ireland- Irish Adoptee
Italy- Italian adoptees
Korea- Korean Adoptee - extensive page of links, on line groups, local andworldwide resources for Korean adult adoptees  - KAD
Korea- G.O.A.L.
Korea- Overseas Adopted Koreans
Korean adoptee - Belgium
Korean adoptee - Netherlands
Philippines - Filipino adoptee
Roma Adoptees - Romanies, "Gypsies" KARFIN
South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, & Malawi
Sweden- International Adoptees in Sweden
USA -National Indian Child Welfare Ass'n
USA -Orphan Trains
Vietnam- Adopted Vietnamese International
Vietnam-Vietnamese AdopteesNetwork

Groups,Gatherings & Reunions of Adult Adoptees
California,SF - Adult Korean Adoptees
California,south - Adult Korean Adoptees
New York - Also Known As
Adopted Korean Connection - Minnesota
Washington- Asian Adult Adoptees
More groups for Asian adoptees

Int'l Gathering of Adult Korean Adoptees ??
KAAN Conference
Reunion of Adult Vietnamese Adoptees
Vietnam- Sancta Maria Orphanage, Saigon
Vietnam Motherland Tour
Adoptee Gatherings
Teen & Children's Reunions & Camps

Surveysof Adult Adoptees, Studies of Adult Adoptees
Survey of Adult KoreanAdoptees
Survey of Adult VietnameseAdoptees
Study of InterCountry Adoptees in Sweden
Research by In Sun Park

International Adoptee Search and Reunion Resources
Search Engine for Orphanages worldwide (in English)
Ten Questions to Ask Yourself
Adoption Forums - InternationalAdoptee Search & Reunion Registry worldwide
Adoption Registry Connect - worldwide
Alt.adoption International Search information
International Social Service
International Adoptee Search& Reunion
Holt International Search Services
Kinsearch Registry DNA
Reunite Greeting Cards
TheSeeker on-line
Worldwidesearch resources
International Birthfamily & Siblings searches & more resources
Open International Adoptions
List of Listservs forgenealogy

Africa- Adoption Africa
Amerasian Family Finder
Argentina- Native Roots
China- Mother Bridge Xin Ran
Germany- German Adoptee Registry
Greece - Greek Adoptee
Greece - Greek Adoptee
India- Connected Indian Roots
Ireland- Irish Adoption Contact Register
Italy- Italian adoptees & registry
Korea- search advice
Korean search registry (Find Parent) - closing soon
Korean search registry (GOA'L)
Korean search registry (GAIPS)
Korea search registry for Holt (Holt babies)
Korea search registry (IECEF)
Korea search registry (INKAS)
Korea search registry (OAKS)
Korean search posts in English & Korean on Jane T's blog
Russia,Ukraine, Kazakhstan and more
Russia,Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Romania, Eastern Europe
Russian Translation
Russia,Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus - Ruslan / Anna
Russia- All Russia Family Tree
Russia- Researching Russian Roots
Russia- Blitz Information Center
USA- Native American Search Links
Taiwan- Adoption Information Center and inchinese
Vietnam search registry
Vietnam search
VietNam - 'looking for' messages

Translationservices and Misc.

Also Known As
Associationof MultiEthnic Americans
Adopted Abused
Abuse Survivors - I Survive
Abuse in Adoption  - foster placement
MAVIN foundation
InterCountry Adoptee SupportNetwork - Australia
Korean American AdopteeAdoptiveFamily Network
Diversity & Diaspora, Vietnamese ??
InterDoptee- Scholarships
International & Transracial Adoptee Links
Jews in All Hues
Lifelong Issues in Adoption (or Seven Core Issues in Adoption)
Loss and Reclaimed Lives - A Thesis (works again)
Lifelong Impact of Adoption
Mixed -Multiracialpeople
PACT- An Adoption Alliance
PACT- Racial Identity articles
Swirl, Inc.
Stigma for people born from rape/incest
Transracial Adoption Research &Information
The Case Against International Adoption
US Census Map of Asian populations
US Census Map of Hispanicpopulations
US Census Map of African American popul.
US citizenship for Adult Adoptees
US State Dept./ Dual Citizenship Dual Nationality
Vietnam babylift

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