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Here is my list of how to research international adoption agencies. I highly recommend direct parent to parent contacts.

I recommend reading everything you can find about your agency on the internet, newspapers, etc. Just because you find a complaint, bad report, lawsuit, whatever, does not mean it is not the right agency for you. You need to be educated about the best and worst outcomes I think. You need to weigh the number of adoptions vs number (& type) of complaints, not the gross number of complaints. For example if Adoption Agency A has completed 100 adoptions and has 2 negative issues, and adoption agency B has completed 1000 adoptions and has 5 negative issues - my opinion Adoption Agency B is better. (2/100 = 2.0%; 5/1000 = 0.5% - 4 times fewer complaints.)

You also need to consider the source - is the source of the information biased or unbiased?
Researching Agencies - Places Parents can Register their experiences with an Adoption Agency
Registering Experience

Adoption Agency Research Group
Adoption Agency Ratings
Adoption Agency Reviews
Russian Adoption Yahoo Group Database
Kazakhstan Adoption Yahoo Group Database
Ethiopia Adoption Agency Reviews
InterCountry Adoption Registry - website closed but archived

Researching Agencies

Parents for Ethical Adoption Reform (PEAR) Guide to Researching Agencies or then click Choosing an Agency
David's Adoption Agency Checklist
A good Adoption Agency questionnaire
Your Agency's State Adoption Agency Regulatory Bureau
You will need to find. Here is a place to start looking:
Guidestar - Financial Information on Nonprofits
Dun & Bradstreet Report (there is a fee)
Better Business Bureau On-Line
Report on Intercountry Adoption
FRUA Minnesota
Mary Mooney's Adoption Guide & Adoption News -
website closed but archived

Forums, Lists, Boards, Yahoo Groups where you can ask and answer questions about Adoption Agencies
Adoption Agency Research group
Domestic Adoption Agency Research group
FRUA Chat - especially in the Agency Section
International Adoption Resources group

Hague Accredited or Approved Adoption Service Providers (ASPs) aka Agencies
ASPs which are Hague Accredited by the USA
ASPs denied Hague Accreditation by the USA
Russian Adoption Agencies with Hague & Russian Permit Status
Hague Complaint Registry for US Parents
Guide for Prospective Adoptive Parents - includes a list of countries which require a Hague approved agency
Hague Agencies Worldwide
Hague Convention = "Convention of 29 May 1993 on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption"

Ethics in International Adoption
Parents for Ethical Adoption Reform (PEAR)   Blog:
Adoption Agency checklist

Agency Accrediting & Membership Groups
List of All Hague Accredited Agencies in the USA
Joint Council on International Children's Services
Council on Accreditation (Hague)
Colorado DHS (Hague)

List of Agencies Granted a Russian Permit (accredited) complete
Hague Accredited Russian Adoption Agencies
List of Agencies Granted a Russian Permit
US Embassy in Moscow List of Accredited agencies
Various reports Agencies denied re-accreditation in Russian (old)
Russian Embassy in Washington list (July 2008)
Russian Embassy in Washington list (old archived)
List of Agencies Accredited by Russia (Oct 2003)

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