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Country of Adoption
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General Travel & Information Sites
++ Learning your Child's native language
++ Metric to English conversion Cheat Sheet
Metric to English Conversions
US to Russian Ruble Cheat Sheet - print
Converting US$ to foreign currency
** What can I bring into the US Duty free?
** Custons Traveler's checklist
Packing list
Clothing Sizes in Inches & Centimeters
Clothing Sizes
Shoe sizes
** Items Allowed and Prohibited on Airplanes
Seat Guru - Airplane Seating arrangements
Country Studies - 101 countries
Flags of the World
World Population - Countries, cities
World Population Counter
** World Population
Stats, Culture & Pictures from all countries
Religion in Russia, FSU and CIS
Legal Resources by Country
Foreign Law Guides
** World Law by Country
Artists by Nationality

Where Can I find a Map?
++ MultiMap - interactive world maps!
Map Quest - road maps
National Geographic Maps - topography
Printable Maps
China Map - Clickable Map of China
Georgia - Clickable Map of Georgia
India Map - Clickable Map of India
Kazakhstan regions
Kazakhstan maps
Russia, CIS, Baltic States CD Rom Map
Russia Map
Russia Regional Map
++ Russia Map - Clickable Map of Russia
Russia Map  - Clickable Map of Russia
** Where is Siberia?
Ukraine Map - Clickable Map of Ukraine
Ukrainian Map Server
World Gazetteer, facts/maps for countries
Shtetl - locate places w/out exact spelling
Administrative Divisions of Countries

What Time is it in _________?
Kazakhstan, Almaty
Russia, Moscow & St. Petersburg
Russia, Vladivostok
Anywhere -  Enter a country or city:

What is the Weather in _________?
Kazakhstan, Almaty
Russia, Moscow
Russia, St. Petersburg
Russia, Vladivostok
Ukraine, Kiev / Kyiv
Find the Weather for any City or Country
Weather Underground

Where can I buy Travel Gear and warm clothes and boots
Magellan's Travel Supplies
Mayawrap - baby sling
Hip Hammock - baby carrier Baby slings and carriers
Ride on Carry on (stroller alternative)
++ Kamik boots for Kids and Adults
LL Bean
Vermont Country Store

Russia Sites
++ Russian Adoption Help NEW 8/08
++ Adopting From Russia
Russian Adoption Medical Service
Adoption In Russia - official website in Russian
** Russian Usynovite Photolising of children
** Jim's instructions on using the Usynovite Photolisting
Agencies with a Russian Permit (new list) - but not complete
Agencies with a Russian Permit, with NGO (NEW) complete
Adoption Agencies & Russia Regions - By agency
Adoption Agencies & Russia Regions - By region

++ List of statutory acts & documents on questions of adoption of children (in Russian) - Working again
Russian Family Code Article 139 in English (privacy of adoption)
Find Law - Russia
A Guide to Russian Legal Research

Russia Information Network
** Russian Resources and Culture
Little Russia -culture, recipes, downloads ??
Russian Cuisine
Russian Customs
Russian Fairy Tales
Russian Nursery Rhymes
Kathi's Home Page - Russia graphics, etc.
Russian Christmas Traditions

The Museum of Russian Art in Minnesota
The Russian Arts Foundation
Bolshoi Theatre - Moscow
The Hermitage Museum - St. Petersburg
Mariinski Theatre (Kirov) - St. Petersburg
Mariinski Kirov Ballet
Great Moscow State Circus in Moscow
Zoos in Russia
Russian Artists
Russian Artists
Russian Music
Russian Folk Musical Instruments
Russian Wind/Percussion Instruments
Russian Poetry
Complete Works of Dostoevsky
     News & Internet Portals
Johnson's Russia List - news
The Moscow Times
The St. Petersburg Times
** RIA Novosti
** REGNUM News Agency
Russia Today
Radio Free Europe
Russia on the Net
Russia Search Engine / portal
Russian Internet Resources
Russian Links
Russia Links

Russia Information Network
Russian Embassy in Washington DC
The Russian Channel
Way to Russia Travel Guide & Info
Chronology of Russian History
School of Russian & Asian Studies
Buryat Republic & Lake Baikal
Irkutsk photo
LoC Prokudin-Gorskii Photographic Record
LoC Meeting of The Frontiers - Photos
Photos around Russia
All Regions of Russian Photos & Maps/subway maps
Center for Russian Nature Conservation
Tigris Foundation - Amur Leopards & Tigers
All Russia Family Tree

Language Sites
Free games for several languages
Russian Talking dictionary
Russian Alphabet
Russian Language & Alphabet Reference
My favorite exercise to learn the Russian alphabet
On-Line Russian Language Center ??
Russian Language
Russian Tutorial
** Russian Vocabulary
     Adoption Language Dictionaries

Adoption Language CD's and products
Russian to English & Eng to Rus phrasebook download ??
Teresa Kelleher's Russian CD / book
"Russian Child Talk" by Sonia Baxter     Word doc
"Azeri Child Talk" by Sonia Baxter     Word doc
Kazakh Language links - Many!!
Kazakh Phrasebook to download ??
Romanian On-line
Georgian Langauage Literature & Fonts

Slavic, EE, & C Asian language workshop
Russify your computer - Cyrillic fonts
Cyrillic Fonts
Add Cyrillic Fonts to your computer
Russian Translation
++ Victor Sluczewski, Russian Translator
Kazakh, Russian, Many EE language translation
Translate English to Russian on-line
Translate English to many languages on-line

Names & Baby Name Sites
A Dictionary of Period Russian Names
Russian Names & Nicknames
** Names Cross Reference English/Russian/Polish/Hungarian/more
Russian Names from FRUA
Russian Names - doukhobor
Russian Men's and Women's names and nicknames
Russian boy and girl names
Kazakh Names - Central Asian Names
++ Baby Names Wizard - popularity of names
20,000 Names - from many cultures
Search for names by meaning, etc

Kazakhstan & Central Asian Sites
Kazakh Adoptive Families (was Kazakhstan and Adoption)
Kazakhstan - geography, religion, culture
Kazakhstan Recipes
Kazakh Kids Newsletters
Kazakhstan Adoption Law
Kazakhstan Adoption Law - See article 91
Soul of Kazakhstan
EurasiaNet - Central Asia & Caucasus

Other Eastern European & Caucasus
Families with Children Adopted from Bulgaria
EurasiaNet - Central Asia & Caucasus
Lithuania Adoption Code
** Lithuanian Adoptive Parents Association
Moldova on the Net
Polish Adoption Parents Association
Romanian of Circle Friends ??
Romanian Ethnic Art Museum
Romanian Fairy Tales
** Romania Web Directory
Slavonic & Eastern European Internet Resources
Ukraine NAC website ??
Adopt Ukraine
Ukraine Family Code

Other Countries
Information about Many Countries
China Center of Adoption Affairs
Chinadopt - Adopting Children from China
China adoption News
China Connection
China Mother Bridge of Love - Xinran
Research China
Guatemala Adoptive Families Network
India Adoption Resources
India esp for NRI
Connected Indian Roots
Korea adoptions by Koreans
Paraguay Adoption Resources
** Philippines
Adopt Vietnam
Mam Non - Viet Nam
Vietnam Babylift

Adoption Travel Agencies & Ideas
Golden Rule Travel
Lotus Tours
Northwest Airlines Adoption Fares
Peace Travel Service (Andrei)
Russia tourist & hotel info
Ties Program - heritage tours
Travel to Russia

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