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International Adoption Organizations, Statistics, Single Parent Info, & Services
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Siblings Registry & Birth Family information for International Adoption
Orphanage Addresses and Contacts
Post Adoption Paperwork, Post Placement Reports, Registration, Passports
Parenting Issues, Resources and Teaching Links


Adoption Agency Research and Information
Russian Permit ("Accredited") & Hague Accreditation Status of Adoption Agencies - updated Nov 15 -2010
Russia Region / Agency Cross Reference ~ By Region    PDF version (smaller file)
Russia Region / Agency Cross Reference ~ By Agency    PDF version (smaller file)

Email Lists, Chat Boards, Groups

Index to Adoption Yahoo Groups, Chat Boards, & Listservs
Topical List of Adoption Listservs, Yahoo Groups, Chat Boards
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State Adoption Lists  |  Worldwide Country where You live Adoption Lists

& Poetry

Adoption Inspiration, Quotes, Poetry & Perspectives
Must read recommendations:
Being Different & The One Thing I wanted to hear growing up
Mommie, How much did I cost?  |  Welcome to Holland  |  The Velveteen Parent
Seven Core Issues in Adoption  |   The Transracial Adoptee's Bill of Rights

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Parents for Ethical Adoption Reform

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