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US Government Sites
Find your local USCIS office
How fast is your local USCIS office processing I-600A forms, Go here, click Field Office.
Or enter your receipt number to see its status:
Join your State International Adopt Yahoo group to see other's experience
US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
formerly BCIS and US Immigration & Naturalization Service (INS)
USCIS M-249 Immigration of Adopted Children **
US INS Child Citizenship
US State Dept./Bureau of Consular Affairs
US State Dept./International Adoptions
US State Dept./Office of Children's Issues
US State Dept./ Dual Citizenship Dual Nationality

Outcome Surveys of Internationally Adopted Children
Multi-Agency Survey  1998
Rainbow House Agency 1997
Children Adopted from FSU 1998
Language Development
University of Minnesota
Health of children from China 2000
Several studies by Victor Groza
Transracial Adoptees Psychological Adjustment
Transracial Adoption Research & Information
Self Esteem & Cultural Identity of Adoptees
Ethnic Identity & Self-Esteem among International Adoptees
Language Development in IA children

Health & Development
Centers for Disease Control
NIH Management of Hepatitis C
Management of Latent TB
AIDS, HIV, pregnancy
Medical Library
Univ of Minn packet for families traveling to meet a child - Includes Denver screening
Developmental Checklist
Talaris - Terrific developmental Timeline
Zero to Three
Order Across the Seas Devel. Checklist +++
AAP Provisional Section on Adoption
Primary care of International Adoptees
Euromed - FAQ's about adoptee health
Russian Bulletin of Perinatology & Pediatrics
Travel Supplies

New Medical Kit like the
Texas Medical kit for Adoption Travel
PediaPak Medical Kit (no prescriptions included)
Oral Rehydration recipes
KaoLectrolyte Rehydration
Ceralyte Rehydration
Jianas Brothers of Missouri Rehydration

Growth Charts & Head Circumference
About Growth Charts in International Adoption **
NHANES Pediatric Growth Charts
** Growth Charts for preemies
Growth Tracker charts - make your own
WHO Global Database on Growth Charts
WHO Growth charts 5-19
India Growth Charts - boys
India Growth Charts - girls
Russian Growth Charts - boys - new html versions   Word doc version
Russian Growth Charts - girls - new html versions     Word doc version
Vietnamese and Asian growth charts
Vietnamese Growth Charts (wait and scroll down)
Head Circumference

About Head Circumference
How to Measure Head Circumference **
Nellhaus Head Cirmcumference charts up to age 18 **

Fetal Alchol Syndrome (FAS), FASD, ARND, Drug Exposure
FAS Diagnostic & Prevention Network
Fetal Alcohol & Drug Unit
FAS Links
FAS facial features demonstration
FAS Stars Photo Album
FAS - facial features
FAS - facial features
FAS - facial features
FAS - Lip Philtrum guide
FAS Brochure
FAS Facts & facial features
FAS on-line course
FASD FAS / FAE -  article
Prenatal Exposure to Drugs

Adoption Doctors
PEAR's very extensive list of IA Doctors and clinics
Dr. Adesman - Adoption Evaluation Center
Dr. Aronson - International Ped Health
Dr. Bledsoe / Dr. Davies  ** New Website**
Dr. Chasnoff - Child Study Center
Dr. Federici
Dr. Feldman - Miller Children's International
Dr. Gordina - Global Pediatrics
Dr. Jenista
Dr. Johnson - International Adoption Clinic
Dr. Miller - International Adoption Clinic
Dr Powell - Children's Hospital Columbus
Rainbow Babies Adoption Health Services
Drs. Rogu & Reilly
Dr. Skurkovich - Adoptions International
Dr. Staat - International Adoption Center
Dr. Benikova - International Adoption Medical Center
Links to other 'Adoption Doctors'
Links to other 'Adoption Doctors'
Links to AAP list of adoption doctors
Russian American Medical Association
Doctors in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc.

Canada's list of In-Country Approved Doctors
(Russian, Kazakhstan, worldwide)
Canada's Designated Medical Providers
US Embassy Visa Panel Physicians (I don't know if any of these doctors do pre-adopt medicals...)
American Clinic - Moscow
American Medical Centers - Moscow, St Pete, & Kyiv
(I don't know if they do pre-adopt consults anymore)
American Medical Clinic - St. Petersburg
Dr. Natalia Belova (IOM) in Moscow
Russian Adoption Medical Services
(Dr. Downing in Moscow - RIP)
Dr. Sayyad Mouradov  in Moscow
Dr. Victoria Khouloudis (MD, PhD)
Dr. Ludmila Tsepkova in Moscow
Euromed - St. Petersburg

Medical Terms
Researching Medical Terms - first read these websites, then try the Russian Medical Term Searcher below  then click Q & A

Search for International Adoption Medical Terms

This is the NEW "Adoption Medical Terms Search Engine". It finds medical terms and related issues. This search engine is terrific for Russian Medical Terms.  Use one word rather than three. If you get too many results, refine your search by adding more words. If you get no results, use fewer words.

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Adoption Advocates - Tim O'Hanlon
Cyndi's List on Adoption
Congressional Coalition on Adoption
US Congressman Bill Delahunt's site
Catholic Saints of Adopted Children
Catholic Saints of Abandoned Children
Sibling Search Registry (not working)
Birth Family Search ~ Sibling Search
Search Resources for Adult Adoptees
Post Adoption Paperwork

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