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Parents for Ethical Adoption Reform - PEAR
Eastern European Adoption Coalition (EEAC)
Families for Russian & Ukrainian Adoption, Including Neighboring Countries
Families with Cambodian Children
Families with Children from China (FCC)
Families with Children adopted from Viet Nam
Guatemala Adoptive Families Network
Latin American Parents Association
Kazakhstan & Adoption
Kazakh Aul of the US
American Adoption Congress
International Concerns for Children
Institute for Adoption Education
Jewel Among Jewels
Joint Council International Children's Services
National Council for Adoption
North American Council on Adoptable Children
Pact, an Adoption Alliance
Center for Adoption Support & Education
Evan B Donaldson Adoption Institute
Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption
International Adoption News

Adoption Statistics - needs updated
Adoption from US Foster Care
Adoption/Foster Care Analysis (AFCARS)
How many US children are waiting?
2000 Census report on adopted & step children
** Immigrant Visas Issued to Orphans summary
** 2004 Visas by age/sex/country in Excel - Table #10
** 2003 Visas by age/sex/country in Excel - Table #10
** 2003 Visas by age/sex/county in PDF - Table #10
2002 Visas by age/sex/country in Excel
2002 Visas by age/sex/county in PDF format click on "Tables Only" go to table #12
2001 Visas by age/sex/country in Excel
2001 Visas by age/sex/county in PDF format click on "Tables Only" go to table #15
2000 Visas by age/sex/country   
1999 Visas by age/sex/country
Previous years statistics
Hard copy of Immig. statistics from 1965
NAIC Adoption Statistics
US Out of Wedlock Births
Summary of Adoption Statistics
US Children placed with non-US families **

Charitable Organizations
CoMission for children at risk (Russia & EE) - includes index by region (click Organizations, Country, Region)
A Child Waits Foundation
Answered Prayers (Haiti)
Boaz Project (Russia)
Buckner Orphan Care International
Children in Common (Russia) **
Children of Sosnovaya Street **
Eastern European Aid Association (Romania)
Firefly Kids (Russia)
Friends of Russian Orphans
FRUA Orphanage support and Playground projects **
Half the Sky Foundation (China)
Hands of Hope (Guatemala)
His Kids Too (Ukraine)
Kidsave International
Komso Hospital (Russia)
Kostroma Kids **
Les Amis de Svieta
Life 2 Orphans (Ukraine) **
Livada Orphan Care (Romania)
Love Link (El Salvador)
Maria's Children (Russia)
MiraMed Institute
Mission Possible - (street children in EE)
Operation Help the Children (Romania)
Outreach Moldova
Project Sunshine
The Promise **
Relief fund for Romania
Russian Orphan Opportunity Fund ROOF
Russian Children Welfare Society
Shepherd's Crook Ministries
Somewhere in the World Tonight
SOS Kinderdorf Villages
The Evangelistic Association of Russia
Voice of the Children - St. Petersburg Russia
Child Sponsorship Opportunities

Ascent iOrphan Sponsorship (Russia)
Interlink (Kazakhstan)
Orphan Sponsorship Int'l (Russia/Bulgaria/India/Sri Lanka)
Sponsorship (Romania, Russia)
Urals Orphans Foundation (Sponsorship)

Of Interest to Single Parents
NAIC Single Adoptive Parent Information
National Council for Single Adoptive Parents ???
Adopting on Your Own
Single Mothers by Choice **
Single Parents World
Single Parent Adoption Listservs & Groups

Assistant Stork, dossier & visa courier
Journey of Love Dossier Service
More Dossier preparation services
Gerald Bowman, Social Worker:  Homestudies for Americans living abroad
Graham's Gift Children's Foundation: Homestudies for Americans living abroad, ICPC, Private placements, troubleshooting **
Fixel Law Offices
Irina O'Rear, Russian Attorney
Meest Corporation - delivering parcels to EE & FSU
Translations and Research

Elena's Reaching Russia - phone translations (corrected site)
Hudson River, certified translations
Language Solutions
Russian Legal Translation Service
Victor Sluczewski, Russian Translator
Paul Voytinsky, Russian 'jack of all trades'
Kazakh - Russian - English Translation by Gauhar
nguyenlien at gmail dot com
Chinese Translation for Adoptive parents, finding ads & birthfamily notes for all provinces, orphanage letters, etc.
Research China - finding sites, finding ads for Anhui, Guangdong, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangsu, and Jiangxi etc.

Post Adoption Parenting Information
Where to Research Adoption Agencies
Adoption Agency Search
The Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption
Extensive page of adoption links for China, Russia, Africa and other countries
American Academy of Adoption Attorneys
US State Adoption Laws **
US State Adoption Code
Ohio Adoption Code Chapter 3107
Canadian, Austalian, Worldwide  Adoption Resources
Family Helper -  infertility & adoption, esp Canada
Adoption Learning Partners
Abroad and Back - Parenting & International Adoption
Adopt US Kids photolisting, Int'l Adoption Photolisting
Rainbow Kids Waiting Children
Welcome Garden - photo and text listing
Russian photo bank (official but for Russian domestic use)
Russian photolisting of children (for Russian domestic use)
Someone Else's Baby Russia 1996
Changing the Public's Perception About Adoption Russia 2004
Someone Else's Baby Russia 2008 **    English translation
Plight of Russia's Orphans 2007
International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid to Russian Orphanages
Russia Rising - economic conditions
Street children in Russia
Report on Teen Pregnancy in Russia
Russia's Children in Crisis
Photo Essay
Brief History of International & Transracial Adoption
Adoption History Project and Timeline
PlainTruth article - Bertha Holt
Nat'l Adoption Information Clearinghouse - now ChildWelfare
Let's Talk Adoption - Internet Radio Show
Creating A Family - Internet Radio Show **
Thinking of Adopting - Telecourses

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