March 12, 2000

As a COMPANY employee since 1998, I have appreciated access to the various benefits offered by the company. An area of vital importance to me at this time is adoption benefits, since my husband and I are in the process of adopting a child. With the cost of adopting a child often exceeding $20,000, COMPANY employees could benefit from an adoption benefits package, including paid leave and financial reimbursement.

Recognizing the needs of adoptive parents, many employers do provide benefits that include financial reimbursement to help defray the costs of the adoption, as well as paid leave. I have attached a list of companies that provide such benefits (this list is courtesy of Working Mother Magazine). Reasons for companies to provide adoption benefits include:

Establishes Equity:

Employees who build their families through birth receive maternity benefits from COMPANY. As future adoptive parents, we are also experiencing the cost and stress of creating a family.

Less than 1% of any employee population will utilize adoption benefits during a year. It would cost COMPANY very little to enhance its image as family-friendly.

Keeps Pace With Current Benefits Trends :

The number of employers initiating adoption benefits has risen over the last few years.. As you can see from the attached list, the range begins at $2,000 per adoption, with some employers offering as much as $10,000, for eligible expenses. These benefits allow companies to be competitive in recruiting qualified employees.

Builds Employee Loyalty and Goodwill:

Employee satisfaction contributes significantly to productivity. A renewed sense of loyalty and commitment results from employer support of adoption. Even employees who do not adopt are pleased that their employer has included the needs of adoptive parents in the work and family agenda.

Gives Back to the Community:

Financial assistance and paid leave time are critical to the success of an adoption. By making it easier for employees to adopt, an employer acknowledges the importance of families for children and encourages more employees to consider adoption as a way to create and build families. loyalty and goodwill; and they allow employers to support adoption by helping a waiting child find a family.

To reiterate, COMPANY employees would benefit from the support of an adoption benefits package, including paid leave and financial reimbursement.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I think that I speak for all employees touched by adoption who would welcome your consideration of this very important issue. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.


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