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China Orphanages Addresses & Mailing Labels
China Orphanages / Social Welfare Institute
England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales orphanages
India - Mumbai, Bombay
India orphanages **
Korean Orphanages (middle of page)
Nepal Orphanages **
Ukraine Orphanages
Ukrainian Orphanage
Ukraine Orphanages - Odessa
United States, Canada, Australia, other orphanages
USA Orphanages
Vietnam Orphanages
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     Russian Orphanages

Russian Baby Orphanages
Russian Orphanage Websites
DetskieDomiki listing - all ages - translation to English: 4900 orphanages
DetskieDomiki listing - all ages - in Russian:  4900 orphanages
239 orphanages in Russian and English
Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS - orphanages
Ivanovo oblast orphanages
Moscow city and Moscow oblast orphanages     and    moscow2.pdf
Sakha Republic orphanages
St Petersburg City & Leningrad oblast orphanages
Tambov oblast orphanages
Tomsk oblast orphanages
Tula oblast orphanages

Search for Orphanage Information
This is the "Orphanage Search Engine". It searches many sites with Orphanage addresses, contacts, webpages, or news.
Less is better than more. Use one word rather than three.
Exclude things like Russia, China, Social Welfare Institute, SWI, Dom Rebyonka, Internat, Children's Home, etc. for better results.
If you get too many results, then you can refine your search by adding more words. If you get no results, use fewer words.

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Videos and photos of orphanage life (Many in Russian)
The Promise - Promising Children a future
The Promise - Ryazan
Documentary The Road Home - St Petersburg - english subtitles
Grodno children's Home
Help children go home
Ostashkov Detski Dom
Lomonosov  Baby Home in Leningrad oblast
Lomonosov  Baby Home in Leningrad oblast
Leningrad oblast Baby Home - probably Lomonosov
More from You Tube searching on " детский  дом " Detski Dom
More from You Tube searching on " дом ребенка " Dom Reyonka

Russian Orphanage News
Other support for Orphanage resources
Nepal, Kathmandu, Society For Each Other
India, Pune, SOFOSH
Russia, Karelia, Pjaozersky children's home
Russia, Moscow oblast Petrofsy Dom
SOS Kinderdorf Villages
International cooperation & humanitarian aid to Russian Orphanages ~ Mikhael Airumian

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