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Parenting, Behavior, & Neurological Issues
** Post Adoption Information
** Post Adoption Paperwork registered clinicians
Attachment & Bonding Center of Ohio
Attachment Disorder Site
Attachment Disorder Support Group
** Attachment and Trauma Network
Attachment & Trauma email  list - ATN Parents
** Attachment & Trauma  list - for pre-adoptive parents
** Attachment & Trauma  More lists
Attachment & Older Child Adoption
Practical Attachment ??
Note on Attachment
Bonding and Attachment in Traumatized children - free on-line training
** Austism Resources
** Austism Spectrum Disorders
** National Center for Children with Disabilities - (Autism, Behavior, IEP, IDEA, No child left behind act)
Borderline Personality Disorder
Bully Stoppers
** Bullies
Center for Adoption Support & Education (W.I.S.E up Powerbook and more)
Child & Adolescent BiPolar Foundation
Center for Cognitive Developmental Assessment and Remediation - Boris Gindis
Center for Family Connections
Child Trauma Academy
** Depression - Post Adoption Depression Syndrome
Depression - Post Adoption
Disruption / Dissolution
Fetal Alcohol
Gifted Children
Holding Time by Martha Welch
Jewel among Jewels
Language Development in IA children
** Lying
Mentorship Program for Adoptees
Mothers and More
Mothers with Attitude
Neuro feedback
Older Child Adoption
Post Institute for Family Centered therapy
Rare Disorders
Residential Treatment support
** Self Injury
Sensory Integration ??
Sensory Integration Magazine
Sensory Integration Dysfunction
Sensory Integration Dysfunction - China
Talaris - Early Brain Development
** Yeast overgrowth, Leaky gut, - Biology of Learning & Behavior

List of Lists for children w/ Special Needs
More support listservs, groups and boards

Medical Issues
Children's Disabilities Information
Celiac Disease
Celiac Disease Foundation
Cleft Advocate
Cleft Lip & Palate Resource - Wide Smiles
Cleft Talk - list
Children with Club Feet
Children with Club Feet - list
Congenital Heart Defects
Hip Displaysia
Infectious Diseases, Parents of Kids with
Limb differences - Superhands Network ??
Limb differences - On The Other Hand
Puberty in Girls
Precocious Puberty
Strabismus & Lazy Eye
Eye Care & Development
Strabismus & Amblyopia
Rare Disease Support Network ??

Heritage & Culture Camps, Reunions for Adopted Children, Conferences
Calendar of Culture Days & Heritage Camps
Colorado Heritage camps
Concordia Language Villages
Families For International Children
Hands Around the World camps
Mi Pueblo
** Minnesota Culture Camps
** Philippines - Camp Mabuhay MD
** Philippines - Camp Mabuhay CT
** Philippines - Camp Mabuhay IN
** Philippines - Filipino Adoptee Network Gathering
Viet Nam Culture Camp

Ties Program Int'l Travel for Families

GAFE - Guatemala Adoptive Families Event
3rd International Conference for Adoptive Parents of Filipino Children and Adoptees
Celebrate Romania Retreat
National Reunion of Children Adopted from Romania
Thailand Family Reunion
Reunions for Adult Adoptees

For Kids & Teens
International Teen Adoptee Talk
Korean adoptee teens (not active)
Russia Tweens  (not active)
LAPA Teen Center for latino adoptees
Mam Non - Vietnam adoptee pen pals
Mentorship Program for Adoptees in NY
My Home Town in China
Narrations Newsletter
Teens & children with siblings from China
Red Lady Bugs - teens with sibs from China

Teaching and Learning
Educator's Guide to Adoption
What your child should learn in each grade
English Language Acquisition, Language Enhancement, Academic Achievement Act
English to Go ESL
Homeschool Curriculum
Navigo Home learning
K12 virtual academy
K12 virtual academy - participating states
Purple Math Algebra help
Superkids Educational Tools
Craft Recipes
Free worksheets, Math, Language, Geography
Free Worksheets, including good alphabet worksheets ** Free Stuff
Learning Multiplication Facts - Times Tales
Learning Alphabet Letters and Sounds - Leap Frog Letter Factory
Learning Numbers - Leap Frog Math Circus

Activities for Homeschool & learning - free mostly

** Crayola Activites (search for any country)
** Crayola Activities - Russia
Enchanted Learning - Russia activities
Miss Maggie's Russian Adventure
GAIN - Sense of Russia - Lesson Plans
GAIN - Matryoshka Dolls
GAIN - More curriculum
** Matryoska Dolls
** Rainbow Kids - many countries
Russia and the Independent States
Russia activities
** Russia Coloring pages
Mexico, Guatemala, China, India, Korea, Vietnam
Flags of the World to Color
Paperdoll - Anna Pavlova
Children's folk games
** Toothpick Flags
Misc. free lifebook type stuff

Kids in Mind Movie Ratings
Parents Television Council TV Ratings
Screen It - Reviews for Parents

Saving for College 529 Plans

Hosting Programs
Kidsave Summer Miracles

Cultural Academic Student Exchange
YFU Exchange student program
IFYE Exchange student program

** Understanding Prejudice

FlyLady - Cleaning and Organizing
Inspired Notions - Educational & Therapeutic
Southpaw Enterprises - products for special kids

Summer Camps

Disruption or Dissolution Resources
Hope House
Ranch for Kids
Residential Treatment Centers RTC
SCAR/ Jasper Mountain - Treatment/Respite
Villa Santa Maria - attachment
Therapy & Respite Camps

Talaris Childhood Development Timeline
Car Seat Laws by State & province
Feeding Plan for infants - 5 times/day
Feeding Plan for infants - 3 times/day
Feeding Plan for Toddlers
Baby photos - Age regression photos

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