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Here are Region and Orphanage specific listservs and contact people. Most of these lists are restricted membership, so you will need to ask to join. For Country Specific groups try Country Lists; for more Adoption Lists try Master Index of Lists, Groups & Boards. If you would like to have your group added, please contact me
Russian Regional Adoption Websites & Listservs
NEW - Russia Region Agency Cross Reference Page
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By Agency   Agency PDF version (loads quickly)
Adopting From Russia City Information
Regional pictures - in spanish, but easy enough to find a region
Buryat Families
Khabarovsk, Komsomolsk, Birobidzhan
Moscow city and Moscow oblast
Sakha Republic
    Listservs / eGroups by Region

Adygeya, Republic of (Maykop)
Aginsk-Buryat AO - See Zabaykalsky Krai
Altai krai, Barnaul & Biysk
Altai krai, Barnaul & Biysk  email contact
Deb Ives
Altay, Republic of (Gorno-Altaysk)
Amur oblast
Amur oblast, Blagoveschensk
Arkhangelsk oblast
Arkhangelsk oblast, AAI agency families
Astrakhan oblast
Bashkortostan, Republic of
Belgorod oblast
Bryansk,  Zhukovka School
Buryatia, Republic of (Ulan Ude)
Buryatia, Republic of - LSS Agency families
Chechnya, Republic of (Grozny)
Chelyabinsk oblast
Cheliabinsk - en espaņol
Cherepovets, see Vologda oblast

Chita oblast  - See Zabaykalsky Krai
Chukotka AO (Anadyr) **
Chuvash, Republic of
Chuvashia, Republic of (not very active)
Dagestan, Republic of (Makhachkala) **
Ekaterinburg - see Sverdlovsk

Evenk AO (Tura) of Krasnoyarsk Krai **
Evenk AO (Tura) also join Krasnoyarsk Krai

Ingushetia, Republic of (Magas) **
Irkutsk oblast & Ust-Ordyn okrug
Ivanovo oblast
Jewish AO (Birobijian/Birodizhan)
Kabardino-Balkaria, Republic of (Nalchik)
Kaliningrad oblast
Kalmykia, Republic of (Elista)
Kalmykia, Republic of
Kaluga oblast
Kamchatka krai including Koryak okrug
Karachaevo-Cherkessia, Republic of (Cherkessk)
Karelia, Republic of (& Petrozavodsk )
Kemerovo oblast
Kemerovo oblast en espaņol
Kemerovo oblast, Kiselevsk (not active)
Khabarovsk krai, (Komsomolsk)
Khanty-Mansi AO
Khaskasia, Republic of (& Abakan)
Kirov oblast ( Vyatka )
Kirov oblast en espaņol **
Komi, Republic of (Syktyvkar)
Komi-Permyatsky okrug (Kudymkar) see Perm

Koryak AO - See Kamchatka Krai

Kostroma oblast
Krasnodar krai
Krasnodar krai - Armavir
Krasnoyarsk krai
Krasnoyarsk krai en espaņol
Kurgan oblast
Kursk oblast
Leningrad oblast & St. Petersburg City
Leningrad oblast, Luga
Leningrad oblast, Kingisepp (not active, full of spam)
Leningrad oblast, Lomonosov
Lipetsk oblast
Magadan oblast
Mari El, Republic of
Mordovia, Republic of, (Saransk)
Moscow City
Moscow oblast
Moscow oblast, Fryazino
Moscow oblast, Lobnya, Krasnaya Polyana Baby Home
Christy Romano
Moscow oblast, Lubertsy
Susan Ward
Moscow oblast, Orekhovo-Zuevo
Moscow oblast, Vidnoe (Vidnoye)
Murmansk oblast
Nenetsky Autonomous okrug, (Nar'yan-Mar)
Nenetsky Autonomous okrug, (Naryan-Mar)
Nizhegorod oblast, Nizhny Novgorod
Nizhegorod en espaņol
North Osetia, Republic of, Vladikavkaz
Novgorod oblast, Borovichi
Novgorod oblast, Velikiy Novgorod
Novosibirsk oblast
Novosibirsk oblast en espaņol
Novosibirsk oblast, Cherepanovo
Novosibirsk oblast, Kuibychev
Omsk oblast
Orenburg oblast, Orsk and Orenburg
Orenburg oblast, Orsk
Oryol / Orlovsk / Orel oblast
Penza oblast
Perm krai
Perm krai
Perm krai  en espaņol
Primorski krai, Vladivostok
Primorski krai, Vladivostok post adoption (not active)
Pskov oblast
Rostov oblast, Rostov on Don
Rostov oblast  en espaņol
Rostov oblast, Novoshakhtinsk
Keith & Judy Goldberg
Ryazan oblast
Sakha, Republic of (Yakutsk)
Sakhalin Island
Samara oblast
Samara oblast - post adopt (not active)
Saratov oblast
Saratov oblast  en espaņol
Smolensk oblast
Smolensk oblast, Yartsevo school
Smolensk oblast en espaņol
St. Petersburg city & Leningrad oblast
St. Petersburg city & Leningrad oblast - Post Adoption
St. Petersburg Saint Petersbourg - franįais  (gone?)
Stavropol krai
Stavropol krai
Sverdlovsk oblast, (&  Ekaterinburg)
Sverdlovsk en espaņol
Sverdlovsk - franįais
Taimyr AO (Dudinka)
Taimyr AO (Dudinka) also join Krasnoyarsk Krai

Tambov oblast
Tambov en espaņol
Tatarstan, Republic of  (Kazan) english, italiano, espaņol, franįais
Tomsk oblast
Tula oblast
Tula oblast en espaņol
Tuva, Republic of
Tver oblast
Tver oblast, Kashin
Tyumen oblast
Ulyanovsk oblast
Ulyanovsk en espaņol

Udmurtia, Republic of
Udmurtia, Republic of  ~ Glazov
Ust-Ordyn AO see  Irkutsk

Vladimir oblast
Vladimir oblast en espaņol
Vladimir oblast, Pokrov (not active)
Vladivostok - see Primorski krai

Volgograd oblast
Vologda oblast (Cherepovets) **
Vologda oblast en espaņol
Voronezh oblast
Yamal-Nenets AO (Salekhard) **
Yaroslavl oblast
Zabaykalsky Krai (Chita oblast and Aginsk-Buryat AO)

Ethnic & Religious Group Adoption Websites & Listservs
Unrepresented Nations & Peoples Organization UNPO **
Norwegian Center for Russian Studies
Photos of W Russia, FSU & euro peoples **
Photos of E Russia, FSU & asian peoples **
Radio Free Europe/Liberty
Asian, Central Asian, Siberian Indigenous peoples **
Albanian peoples website
Bashkir people - origin, history, beliefs
Carpatho-Rusyn Society
Carpatho-Rusyn  (Carpatho-Russian)
Caucasus ethnic geography/groups
China, the Peoples of (also in Russia)
China ethnic groups with pictures
China ethnic groups, more text
China ethnic groups with pictures
Csangos **
Csangos - songs **
Jewish Communities of the World
Jewish Children's Adoption Network
Jewish Orphans in the Former Soviet Union
Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS - orphanages
Yeladim Jewish orphans **
Kazakh peoples **
Kazakh peoples **
Red book of the peoples of the Russian Empire
Religion in Russia & FSU
Roma, Romani people
Roma links
Romani Culture & History
Sami people **
Siberia, more links
Slavs / Slavic people
Tajik peoples
Tatar Culture
Tatar History
Tatars & Tatarstan FAQs
Uiger / Uygur / Urghur peoples
    Listservs / eGroups

Ethnic North Caucasus children
Chuvash children
Muslim Adoption (not active)
Romani, Roma, Gypsy children (NEW)
Ethinc Siberian children
Tatar, Bashkir, Chuvash children

Kazakhstan Regional Adoption Websites & Listservs
Kazakh cities
     Listservs / eGroups, by Region

Almaty region ( Almati / Alma-Ata )
Almaty region (Almaty, Karakastek, Esik)
Almaty region, Taldy-Korgan
Aqmola region, Akkol
Aqmola region, Akkol
Aqmola region, Astana
Aqtobe region (Aktobe )
Eastern Kazakhstan, Semipalatinsk Semey
Eastern Kazakhstan, Ust-Kamenogorsk e-mail Lisa G - she may take a few days to reply
Eastern Kazakhstan, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Oskemen
Eastern Kazakhstan, Ust-Kamenogorsk (not active)
Karaganda (Qaraghandy) region
Karaganda region, post adoptive families
Karaganda region, Zhezkazgan
Kyzylorda Region (Qyzylorda)
Northern Kazakhstan, Petropavlovsk
Pavlodar region (not active)
Pavlodar region
Qostanay (Kostanai) region
Qostanay (Kostanai) region, Arkalyk (Arqalyq)
Southern Kazakhstan, Shymkent (Chimkent)
Western Kazakhstan, Aktau (Aqtau)
Western Kazakhstan, Uralsk
Zhambyl region, Taraz

Ukraine Regional Adoption Websites & Listservs
Regional pictures - in spanish, but easy enough to find a region
   Listservs / eGroups by Region

Cherkasska oblast - post adoptive families
Chernihiv oblast, Pryluky (not active) **
Chernivetska oblast - post adoptive families
Crimea oblast (Symferopil) - post adoptive families
Dnipropetrovsk oblast - post adoptive families
Donetsk oblast - post adoptive families
Donetsk oblast, Kramatorsk city - post adoptive families
Ivano-Frankivsk oblast - post adoptive families
Kharkiv oblast - post adoptive families
Kherson - oblast post adoptive families
Khmel'nyts'kyi oblast - post adoptive families
Kirovograd oblast- post adoptive families
Kyiv (Kiev) oblast - post adoptive families
Lugansk (Luhansk) oblast - post adoptive families
Lviv oblast - post adoptive families (not active)
Mykolayiv oblast - post adoptive families
Odessa oblast - post adoptive families
Poltava oblast - post adoptive families
Sumy oblast
Sumy oblast - post adoptive families (not active)
Ternopil oblast - post adoptive families
Transcarpathia (Zakarpatsk) oblast - post adoptive families
Volyns'ka (Lutsk) oblast  - post adoptive families (not active)
Zaporizhzhya oblast - post adoptive families

Eastern European Regional Adoption Websites & Listservs
None currently - but see Ethnic group lists

Support for Orphans Websites & Listservs
Orphanage Addresses, including Russian database
Donetsk oblast, Kramatorsk
    Listservs / eGroups

Kazakhstan - Ust-Kamenogorsk: The House of Hope & The Left Bank;
Ridder: The Gagarin Orphanage
Lithuanian Children's Charities
Mittens for Akkol, Kazakhstan
Russian Orphans (not active)
Russian Orphanage News
Russian Orphanages - Kaliningrad
Ukrainian Orphans

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