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Russian Family Code Article 139
Laws regarding privacy or secrecy of adoption in Russia.
Privacy rules protect adoptive family, they do not prevent adoptive family from contacting birth family.
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This translation of Article 139 of the Russian Family Code is excerpted from the book:  Adopting in Russia, Your Rights and the Law ,  with permission by the author Irina Mikhailovna O'Rear.

The book is an informative guide to what to expect in Russia and the law. It includes many parts of the Russian Family Code translated and with commentary by Ms. O'Rear. You may find more information about this book, and about the services provided by Irina O'Rear on her webpage:

Article 139. The privacy of adoption

    1. The privacy of the adoption of the child is protected by the law.

    The Judges who have rendered the Court decision of the adoption of the child or the officials who have carried out the state registration of this adoption, and also the persons otherwise informed about the adoption of the child are obligated to keep the privacy of adoption.

    2. The persons specified in clause 1 of the present article, who have disclosed the privacy of the adoption of the child against the will of his (her) adoptive parents, are made accountable in the statutory order.

Copyright © 2002 by Irina Mikhailovna O'Rear, P.A.  All Rights Reserved

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