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Sibling Registries
Siblings Registry - Russia/Ukraine/Kazakhstan/Eastern Europe
Julie S is collecting information to connect our kids with any biological siblings that have been adopted from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, any Former Soviet Union or Eastern European country. She is just an adoptive mom hoping to help the kids connect as well as maybe finding siblings for my son and daughter.

The information will remain strictly confidential and only given out if there is a match.  Julie S
This information is not stored on the internet
Here is the information Julie needs (you can submit whatever you feel comfortable with)
- Birthfather's name (first and last)
- Birthmother's name (first and last)
- Child's Birth City
- Child's Birth Country
- Child's name (birth and/or adoptive)
- Your name (first and/or last)
- Your email
- Your phone number (in case your email changes)
Save Orphaned Siblings **
Internationally adopted siblings - found
China DNA
China Province-based Sibling Find Groups     then click Orphanage / Province-Specific Groups
Colombia Siblings Registry
Guatemala Siblings Registry
Honduras Siblings bulletin board
Lithuania Siblings Registry
Kinsearch Registry - DNA
More Adult Adoptee Search information

Support Resources ~ Yahoo groups, chat boards, email lists for Birth Family Search & Open International Adoptions
Birth Parent / Family contact -for all International adoption ~ all countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other FSU/ EE countries
Russia and other EE countries sibling registry
España -  Buscando - las familias biológicas - ex-URSS
Siblings, adopted separately, located
Open International Adoption
Open Adoption - domestic - triad
Azerbaijan Birth Parents (not active)
Cambodia Birth family search
China Birth Family
Ethiopia Birth Family Search
Guatemala Birth Family contact
Guatemala Birth Family Search / Contact
Guatemala Siblings Registry

Open International Families - International Birth Family Search or Contact
More Search resources on this website
Insight - Open Adoption Resource & Support
Friends of Korea - articles on birthfamily
Russian Family Code Article 139 in English
Russian Family Code in Russian
Searching for Birth Family in Russia
Kazakh - Russian - English Translation by Gauhar nguyenlien at gmail dot com
Victor Sluczewski, Russian Translator
International Adoption Search (Ruslan / Anna): Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Armenia, Viet Nam, Guatemala
Ukraine Family Finders ??
Ukraine Bio Search (Gene Sagin)
Ukraine Russia Bio Family Search (Ed Kalambetov)
Russian Family Search (Mary)
Illich (Russian far east) **
Chinese Translation for Adoptive parents, finding ads & birthfamily notes for all provinces, orphanage letters, etc
Research China - finding sites, finding ads for Anhui, Guangdong, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangsu, and Jiangxi etc.
China Finding Ads: Hunan, Guangxi, Guizhou, Fujian, Yunnan, Jiangsu
China Babies - adoption research
Katie Nguyen, Vietnamese Translator

Our Daughter's Russian Family
Adopting Internationally - India

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