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Adopting From Russia, (Latin America or China)
a Language and Parenting Guide

by Teresa Kelleher, copyright 1999   - Now Available in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish too!

"We are back from our second trip to Russia! Our son, who is seven years old, is doing well, and I believe that our progress can be greatly attributed to my using your Language Guide. My husband and I were shocked when we went to the US Embassy in Moscow. We met several other parents, but no one else had learned a word of Russian. Their children flocked around as I spoke to our son so they could talk too! So many problems could be avoided if the parents knew just a few phrases." Sandy, adoptive parent (The set has also been evaluated by native Russian speakers and has gotten excellent reviews.)

"Teresa Kelleher sells a good tape or CD with book from Arizona. Most people use it as the standard -- saw it all over Russia in the planes & orphanages. A surprise for us was seeing 4 & 5 yr. olds sharing a pair of earphones recognizing the Russian phrases & repeating them in time to the CD. Within a minute, they were ignoring the Russian & saying the English equivalents instead. So it would teach both sides of the adoption process . Phrases are 100% applicable to adoption, plus she includes general good hints, etc." Murray, adoptive parent 

"My set arrived yesterday and I haven't put it down.  It is SO well put together; the parenting guide is very thorough and the language info is fabulous. I'll be so much better prepared the second time around. I did learn some Russian for our first adoption, but nothing prepared me for speaking with children as your guide will.  Thank you for taking the time to make this product and doing a quality job of it.  It really can't be beat and I'll recommend it."  Best Wishes,  Johanna, adoptive parent.   PS "You have the greatest voice!!   You're a pleasure to listen to."

"Teresa, I wish I had known about your set sooner.  I could have saved $1,200.00 !!  I spent that amount on private tutoring and didn't get very far.  I've learned so much more from your set ?? very easy to use and the phrases are very practical!" Thanks.  Dave, adoptive parent

BASIC INFO:  45-minute, professionally recorded CD; 67-page handbook (language info + tons of practical pointers).  I produced the CD and wrote the handbook 18 months after we came home with our son from St. Petersburg. I studied Russian intensely for 6 months before we traveled, frustrated that there were no resources for adoptive parents wanting to communicate with their adopted child(ren).  It was very helpful to be able to communicate with our son and hosts.  It's difficult to imagine traveling to another country to bring home a child without being able to communicate with him/her!

     All the Russians we came in contact with were very impressed with my ability to communicate with our I decided to help others have the same advantage.  My first goal is to help parents & children communicate in their early days together, to increase confidence, to decrease stress, and to enhance bonding during this emotion filled transition time. My second goal is to help overseas orphanages. I donate 10% (or more) to orphanages and will continue to do so.  The set has been evaluated and has gotten excellent reviews from native Russian speakers as well as those learning Russian. 

COST: The set (1 CD & handbook) costs $44.95 plus shipping and handling
(Arizona residents:  Please add 5% tax -- $2.25 per set -- Thank you.)


1)  Please send me (to the address below) the order form below and a check made out to  TLC (A personal check is fine).     -OR-
2)  Pay by credit card through (It's pretty simple.  Go to and follow the directions. The info you need for a order: my email address (  that's tLc) and the total amount -- $44.95 + correct amount for s/h.  Please add a note with details:  language you wish to purchase, shipping method, AND your phone number -- to avoid any confusion or delays. Note: FedEx cannot ship to a P.O. Box!  I sign the signature waiver option so a package can be left even if you are not home unless I am instructed by you to do otherwise.

If you have questions or comments, email me . Don't hesitate to be in touch! I'll respond asap, and if I can be of help, I'll be glad to do it. Good luck with all of your adoption adventures....I look forward to hearing from you soon.   Sincerely, Teresa

  Teresa's New Website with more information

ORDER FORM: Adopting From Russia (Latin America or China),
a Language and Parenting Guide,
by Teresa Kelleher, copyright 1999

Please mark the option you prefer, and send this form to the address below,
along with a check  (a personal check is fine) (made out to TLC )  for

____ $50.50 total for CD set Priority U.S. Mail shipping/handling ($44.95 + $5.55 s/h)
____ $63.50 total for CD set Express U.S. Mail shipping/handling ($44.95 + $18.55 s/h)
____ $63.50 total Global Express U.S. Mail s/h to the UK ($44.95 + $18.55 s/h)
____ $68.50 total for CD set FedEx Overnight ($44.95 + $23.55 s/h in the US)
____ $78.50 total for CD set FedEx Saturday Delivery ($44.95 + $33.55 s/h in the US)
____ $74.50 (US dollars) for CD set FedEx International ($44.95 + $29.55 s/h to Canada)

Please send check (made out to "TLC") to:

P.O. Box 90
Taylor, AZ 85939-0090

Your Phone number: _____________ Your email address: _____________

Russian, Mandarin Chinese, or Spanish _________________

Number of copies: _______________ Amount Enclosed: ______________

Where did you learn about the CD & handbook?__

Name: ___________________________________

Address ___________________________________

City: _____________________________ State: ________ ZIP: _______


1) U.S. Mail: 

a) Priority Mail      $ 5.55 (in the U.S.)  takes 2-3 days
b) Express Mail    $18.55 (in the U.S.)  takes 2 days
c) Global Priority to the UK $18.55 ($63.50 US total -- via or check from a US bank or British bank.  It is challenging and costly in my little town to exchange pounds.  If sending a check for pounds is the only way you can order, however, please add the equivalent of $15 US in exchange fee to your check.  Thanks.)

2) FedEx: Some customers prefer FedEx...especially those who want FedEx Priority Overnight and     those in Canada.

Cost for FedEx:  $23.55 in the USA, and $29.55 to Canada.  Add $23.55 FedEx s/h + $44.95= $68.50 total in the USA and I'll get it to FedEx the next A.M.  If Saturday delivery is required, add $33.55 s/h + $44.95=$78.50 total.    For Canada add $29.55 US dollars for FedEx s/h + $44.95= $74.50 US total.   (If you have a FedEx account, I can bill your account for the appropriate FedEx charge -- $44.95 + FedEx charge.  Please be sure to give me your account number and business name if you choose this option.)
Notes regarding shipping: 
A) I can almost always send out orders within 24 hours of receiving a check (or notification of payment through   However, FedEx picks up in my little town Monday through Friday only and the U.S. Mail in my town does not go out on Sunday.  Orders received Friday after 4:00 P.M. or on Saturday will be shipped Monday.
B) My experience has been that Priority U.S. Mail arrives in 2 or 3 business days, so it's not necessary to pay for Express U.S. Mail unless it  *must* arrive within 2 days or on a weekend.  S/H is your choice.   :-)  

     **If you order Adopting From Russia, Latin America. or China, a Language and Parenting Guide and find it to be helpful, please share my email address often on the A-Parent-Russ , Guatemala-Adopt , a-parents-china ,   and other adoption listservs. This has been the very best way to get information about this resource to people who need and want it.  Please let others know that they can email me directly at  (that's tLc) to order.  My financial resources are limited, so I'm depending on word of mouth advertising.  Your help keeps my costs lower, which allows me to donate more to orphanages.  Thank you a bunch!**    

Teresa Kelleher PO Box 90 Taylor, AZ 85939-0090
tender loving communications : helping you speak the same language as your adoptive child and giving your the confidence to communicate from the start!

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