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General Listservs - Starting Points
What is an adoption mailing list or listserv?
Eastern European Adoption Coalition (EEAC) Mailing Lists - Many lists for FSU/CIS/EE adoption - Russia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Romania, Single Parents, Special Needs, etc.
FRUA - Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption Chat board, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria and other FSU & eastern european countries
International Adoption Resources - especially good for people researching countries
Adoption Threads (formerly Soul of Adoption)
Informed Adoption Advocates
Fertile Thoughts Adoption Forum
Carolyn's Boards
Adoption Forums - International Adoption
Adoption (domestic)
Another List of Adoption Listservs
Another List of Adoption Listservs   then click Links on the left
Another List of Adoption Listservs
List of ICORs lists
List of LISTSERV lists
Confused? - Try the Master Index to Lists

Age of Child Listservs
Babies & Toddlers from Russia FSU EE  PABT-L
Preschool age 3-5 Children Adopted
IPAS for families with children 3 to 8
Toddlers from China
Toddlers & Older Eastern Europe Adoption
Older Child Adoption
Older Child Adoption (esp. India)
Older Child China **
Older Child Guatemala
Older Child Kazakhstan OK
School age children from Russia FSU EE  PEP-L
Older Child Ukraine
Teens from Asia

Culture and Issues Listservs
Adoption Parenting
Birth Parent Contact - international
Cross Culture XCulture
Global Adoption Triad
International Adopt Talk I-A-T
Discuss I-A-T  parents of younger children
Corrupted Adoptions **
Research in Intercountry Adoption

Birth Family Search & Open International Adoptions
This section Moved to the siblings/ birth family page

Family Issues Listservs
Adoptive parents over 50 asia/china
Adoptive parents over 40 (not active)
African Americans adopting
African Americans adopting Ethiopia
Black families adopting Asian children
Black families adopting from Bulgaria
Bio and Adopted Children
Boys, Raising adopted Boys
Cancer, Adoption after
China - Multi-racial families
Chinese American Adoptive Families
Depression, Post Adoption PADS
Disabled Adoptive Parents
Divorce after adoption
Gay-AParent - Gay & Lesbian parents
Gay & lesbian parents
Girls, Raising adopted Girls
Girls, Mothers wanting Daughters
Grandparents of  Int'l Adoption
Homeschool internationally adopted children
Home schooling  EE adopted kids (HSEEA-L)
Home school Russia & EE kids
Large Adoptive Families
Are They All Yours
Big Families
Men, Dad's Adopting
Military Families
Siblings - Bio & Chinese
Siblings or family members of Asian adoptees
Stay at Home Parents
Twins or Multiples adoption
Twins - 'Virtual' or 'Artificial'
Widow / Widower  post adoption
US ExPatriots

Single Adoption and Parenting
Divorce after adoption
Widow / Widower post adoption
Single Russia, FSU, Eastern European Adoption
Single China
Single Asia/European adoption
Single Ethiopia
Single Guatemala
Single India
Single Kazakhstan
Single Kyrgyzstan
Single Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, etc. EE
Single Russia
Single Mothers by Choice - adopting
Single Already with Two
Single with Two or considering Two
Single with 3 or more
Also, check the listing for your state

Fun Listservs
Crabby Adoptive Parents 2
GAARP - Adoptive parents over 40
Mid-lifers Adopt China

Religion Listservs
Catholic International Adoption
Christian Adoption
Christian Adoption
Christian Adoption
Christian Adoption - older child
Christian adopt China
Christian adopt China
Christian adopt Haiti
Christian adopt Kazakhstan
Christian adopt Korea
Christian adopt Liberia
Christian adopt Philippines
Christian adopt Russia
Christian adopt Taiwan
Christian adopt Ukraine
Christian Singles - Pharaoh's Daughters
Christian - Only by His Grace
Hannah's Prayer - Christian fertility & adoption chat
Orthodox Christian Adoption Connection
Jehovah's Witnesses Adopting
Jewish - Stars of David International
Jewish - Orthodox adoption Shomer Mitzvot Adoption List
Jewish families with children from China
Jews in all Hues (website)
LDS Church International Adoption
LDS Church Adoption
Muslim Adoption (not active)
Unitarian Universalists (not active)

Health, Behavior & Developmental Issues Listservs
All types of Special Needs, PEP-L
Albinism - Asia
Aspergers Syndrome
Attach-Asia (inc. pre adoptive parents)
Attach-China (for all countries)
Attachment - S Korea
Attachment - My kid is RAD
Attachment Disorder - Little Zebras
Attachment Disorder under age 5  Little Stripes
Attachment and older child adoption
Attachment RAD & FASD
Auditory Processing Disorder
Autism Awareness
Bio-Medical Interventions - AdoptBioMed
Birthmarks, Adopted children with (hemangiomas, nevus, etc)
Blind Children
Caustic Ingestion (esophageal strictures)
Cerebral Palsy
Challenging Behaviors, Post Adoption
Challenges, Parenting Kids with Challenges
Challenged by Adoption (not active)
Cleft Lip and/or Palate
Cleft Talk - list
Club foot adoption
Clubfoot no surgery
Deaf - Hard of Hearing children Adoption
Deaf & Hard of Hearing children
Developmental Delays (not active)
Disruption or Dissolution Resources
Down's syndrome
FAS/FAE EE Adoption - Wee Care
FAS Forum (not active)
Adopt FASD
Gifted Internationally adopted children
Hard to Place Children
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
Infectious Diseases, Parents of Kids with
Hip Displaysia
Issues, Parenting Kids with Issues
Lazy Eye & Strabismus
Limb Differences, adopting children
No Medication - Just Managing (not active)
Post Adoption support
Post Adoption Issues - Adoption Preservation - RAD, ODD, FAS/FAE, etc.
Residential Treatment support
Sensory Integration Dysfunction
Sensory Integration Dysfunction / Sensory Processing Disorder
Sensory Integration Dysfunction - China
Shadow Syndrome ADHD, CAPD, ODD
Special Needs Russia, FSU, EE Adoption
Spina Bifida
Spina Bifida
Spina Bifida, China
War Torn Areas, children adopted from (not active)
Special Needs Adoption Research 1
Special Needs Adoption Research 2
List of listservs for children w/ special needs
More lists & resources for special kids

Misc. Listserves
Breast feeding Adoptive Mothers
Christmas International
Disruption or Dissolution Resources
Embryo Adoption
First Adopt
Fundraising for Adoption
Adoption Funding
Financing for Adoption
Hair and Skin care for children of African or Carribean descent
Hosting Programs
Infertility, Adoption after
Independent International Adoption
KidSave Friends
Lifebooks - China
New list of Country specific Scrapbook, Lifebook, Travel groups
Orphans Who Need Homes Two
Post Adoption Issues - Adoption Preservation - RAD, ODD, FAS/FAE, etc.
Post Adoption - challenging behaviors
Post Adoption School Aged  PEP-L
Post Adoption  Babies Toddlers PreSchool  PABT-L
Premature babies now school aged **

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